About Logicpath

Logicpath provides SaaS solutions and analytics to financial institutions and is trusted by thousands of clients across the United States and Canada. We strive to use our innovation, expertise, technology and quantitative methods to assist clients in improving earnings, maximizing efficiencies, and reducing expenses.

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Why We Exist

We aim to make the cash operations side of scaling an institution so that cash operators and executives can focus on what they're good at: serving their customers. That is why we are on a mission: to create cash management solutions that enable thousands of institutions to take their organization to the next level.

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A Look Back At Our Roots

The foundation for logicpath originated in 2008 when CetoLogic emerged out of Ceto and Associates as a software solutions company to deliver two premier solutions to the banking industry: Deposit Reclassification and C3 Financial.

In 2017, we took time to reflect on what had been accomplished with clients and gathered feedback on how to better serve them. Through this exploration, we discovered our new name, logicpath. logicpath derives itself from the intelligence, expertise, and quantitative methods we provide to assist clients in choosing the best path for their organization to follow.


Our Vision

Our vision is simple - To enable growth through technology and innovation, and to provide solutions that optimize cash operations and protect profitability for the financial industry.

As architects of change, we design and deliver cash supply chain optimization by bringing together client vision with our industry knowledge and deep technological expertise.

Who We Are

We come from all sorts of backgrounds with experience in engineering, design, operations, consulting, finance, education, and more. We know that we can be great at doing something alone, but we're even better when we accomplish it together. We're also extremely transparent internally. If you are curious about technology, data analytics, corporate strategy, or the financial industry, you’ll have experts to learn from. And they’re eager to learn from you.

David has over 21 years of experience in the financial industry, with 14 at logicpath. When he’s not greasing the wheels on process, people, and resources to ensure strategic objectives are met, he enjoys a game of trivia or golf and anything with his girls (wife and kids.)

David Austin

VP of Operations
Trivia Junkie
Kelly oversees sales and client services to exceed our client expectations and contribute to the company’s successes. When not at work, she’s enjoying family life with her two children and husband. Favorite past times include a lot of tennis, working out and wine club with friends.

Kelly MacConnell

VP of Sales and Client Services
Backhand Diva
Ken architects our database and manages the dev team with more than 15 years’ experience. His mad keyboard skills originated from a high school typing class and come in handy at logicpath. He’s an outdoorsmen and travel bug at heart, unless he’s making bets on Wall Street.

Ken Lai

IT Development Manager
Typing Zealot
Tracy brings more than 10 years in account management. As she escalates important tasks for clients, she also de-escalates heightened emotions and brings a calming effect to those around her. She loves fishing, sewing and crafts and enjoys volunteering at local charities.

Tracy Colquitt

Implementation Specialist
Nurturing Peacemaker
Austin is in inside sales with a background in cloud technology and the insurance market. When not at the office, he can be found among other amateur foodies around the latest hot spots for the best craft beer, wine, and sports hubs in the city.

Austin Rogers

Account Manager
Vibe Curator
With her experience in SaaS, Teresa helps financial industry leaders improve earnings and operations. As a fitness guru, you can find her at the gym, on a hike or playing volleyball. She loves cheering on the GA Bulldogs or playing with her German Short-Haired Pointer, Molly.

Teresa Romero

Senior Inside Sales Specialist
Chief Meal Prepper
Xintong brings 10 years of development experience to logicpath and spends his time doing development work in our latest C3 Financial software release. Outside of the office, he enjoys playing basketball and soccer with his kids and hiking with his golden retriever.

Xintong Wang

Agent of Change
Meghan spends her days at work consulting executives on cash operations best practices. Somehow, she makes it all look easy and balances life with five fabulous children and a husband as they enjoy a life of ball parks, camping, travel, and lake time adventures together.

Meghan Quinlin

Business Development Manager
Super Mom
Paula’s roots began in accounting software but found that she thrives most when helping her clients problem solve. She makes work fun with a natural gift for storytelling and laughter among her teammates. Her heart is with her big, fun family and their dog training business.

Paula Terry

Client Experience Manager
Chief Comedian
Shawn has an extensive background in business development, but her true passion is helping others and is your guiding hand for all things C3. When she’s not working, she is either at the gym, at one of her two daughters’ events, or cheering on her Georgia Bulldogs.

Shawn Harrington

Manager of Client Training
Mama Bear
Heather has 19+ years in in all aspects of retail banking and is passionate about building meaningful relationships with clients while helping them achieve their goals. After hours you’ll find her spending time with her family and friends rooting for the Georgia Bulldogs, or working in the yard.

Heather Cheer

Account Manager
Chief Flower Child
Dianne’s project management background helps her solve software puzzles for clients. When not belting out song lyrics or sarcasm that fit the occasion, she’s retaining random bits of knowledge that serve her well in team trivia or watching baseball and football with the family.

Dianne Wood

Senior Implementation Consultant
Master of Melodies
Tyauna brings years of experience in accounting and finance with excellent client service skills. When she’s not crunching numbers or reviewing reports, she can be found spending time with family and friends having loads of fun while listening to music.

Tyauna Floyd

Account Manager
The Queen of R&B
Solomon brings more than ten years of experience as a SQL DBA to logicpath and spends his days busy in development work for our latest release of C3 Financial. His favorite pastime includes watching sports of all types, but especially soccer, football, F1 racing and basketball.

Solomon Odonkor

Database Administrator
Sports Enthusiast
With an extensive background in project management, John thrives when wearing many hats and being hands on both in and out of the office. When it’s not software related, it’s at home in the form of ziplines, go karts, slides and even an HOA-violating, princess-loving pink playhouse.

John Rogers

Senior Project Manager
Wizard of Carpentry
Tyler has been fulfilling his passion for programming for more than 8 years. When not geeking out on code for desktop applications, he enjoys the mental release he gets from a good video gaming session, working out or quality time spent among family and friends.

Tyler Bosiljevac

Computer Wiz
Lisa handles all things data and reporting related for logicpath. She’s been working with data in some capacity since the late 90’s and is a data geek through and through. When she’s not at the office, she enjoys spending her free time with her beautiful daughter.

Lisa Koller

Business Intelligence Analyst
Data Science Geek
Tad has been in software development for over six years and holds a BS in Computer Science. When not at the office, he enjoys home automation and fixing and modifying household electronics. In between fixing things, he is also an avid tabletop, PC, and console gamer.

Tad Foster

Full Stack Developer
DIY Engineer
Chris has been in web development for ten years and brings out the best user experience in any application. If it saves the client ten seconds, he'll obsess over it until it's implemented. In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors with his wife, and being bad at golf, bowling, and racquetball.

Chris Jaynes

Screen Collector
Bernard brings five years of software development to logicpath with history at UPS and others. His time at logicpath is spent developing/maintaining SSIS packages that move data to and from data storage systems. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, working on his cars and basketball.

Bernard Jenkins

Sr. SSIS Developer
Car Enthusiast
Sean focuses his time testing our applications for bugs and trying hard to make it do things it’s not supposed to before our clients can. When he’s not debugging things at work or fielding calls from the family to fix their IT problems, he enjoys relaxing with friends, family and his cats.

Sean Robinson

QA Software Engineer
Family Fix-it Guy