Smart Safe Insight

Smart Safe Insight is a currency and coin software solution for retail, convenience stores and quick-service restaurants. It provides a system to monitor and secure cash for your store or franchise network.

Smart Safe Insight is designed to interface with a smart safe to provide analytics about your store’s cash. Smart Safe Insight gathers the data collected by the smart safe and presents it in real-time to you and can be accessed remotely. Managers can quickly identify cash trends such as who and when dropped cash, the type of denominations deposited, and safe volume.

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Complete the Cash Ecosystem

Retail cash management is typically a time-consuming process to compile and review. Safe contents are tallied by hand and exposed to handling errors and theft. Secure cash with a smart safe that connects to Smart Safe Insight to provide immediate visibility into cash.

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Smart Safe Insight Reduces:

  • High denominations in tills
  • Internal theft
  • Cash handling errors
  • Labor hours used on cash handling tasks
  • Low denominations in smart safes
  • Armored car expenses

Smart Safe Insight Improves:

  • Armored car schedule
  • Visibility into cash network
  • Real-time data and analytics
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There is no doubt the adoption and use of debit and credit cards, digital wallets, mobile payments are increasing around the world, however, the benefits of these new payment technologies are unlikely to supplant cash as a payment method due to cash’s inherent core strengths and intangible benefits to consumers.

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