Cash Inventory Management Software

The smarter way to manage cash

C3 Financial is an award-winning cash inventory management software that allows you to accurately forecast and order cash while optimizing inventory levels across the enterprise.

Best-in-Class Cash Inventory Management Software

By analyzing data from device applications and teller platforms, C3 Financial integrates all cash points seamlessly, helping you save time and money by better managing your cash network… all with a click of a button. Our algorithm and analytics enable you to leverage globally used inventory management techniques to predict demand and uncertainty through cash forecasting and optimization, right down to the precise denomination levels in each location. Using artificial intelligence with forecast accuracy, C3 Financial ensures cash demand is met at the lowest possible cost, everywhere you need it.

Cash Operations Efficiency

Applies inventory management principles that improve overall operational efficiency, reducing time spent on cash operations processes for cash agents by 80%

Actionable Forecasting Intelligence

Up to 99% cash forecast accuracy precision using advanced algorithms that leverage a combination of predictive analytics and historical usage

Reduction in Delivery Costs

Up to 70% reduction in unnecessary emergency shipments and other costs caused by miscalculating cash forecasting

Real-Time Reporting

Forecast accuracy using predictive analytics, customized reports and intuitive dashboards tailored to meet your specific needs

Cash Inventory Optimization

Organizations experience a 24% average cash reduction simply by optimizing inventory levels using C3 Financial software

Scalable Design & Integration

Highly adaptive and scalable integrations with most armored car carriers and money suppliers to meet the demands of any size financial institution

Gain Visibility and Control Over All Devices

Order cash centrally by denomination for all branches, vaults, ATMs and ITMs with the single click of a button.

Banks and credit unions have some of the most intricate supply chain systems in the world. This growing complexity is due to sophisticated technology such as ATMs, Video Tellers, Recyclers, Kiosks and more. Many are behind the times when it comes to optimizing cash inventory levels using proven supply chain management techniques. C3 Financial is solving this need for financial institutions nationwide.

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Flexible and Scalable Design


*Branches, Vaults, Tellers, ATMs, ITMs, CDMs, TCRs, and Kiosks

Highly adaptive platform that grows and adapts to your everchanging cash network demands

What Our Clients Are Saying

"We are so impressed with logicpath and their team that we are moving forward on implementing the integration options to our armored car provider and money supplier. We believe this will translate to even more increased operational efficiencies & accuracy. Lake Trust Credit Union finds the C3 Financial application easy to use and view, effective and measurable. The graphs and charts can be easily produced and are a great tool for our users to track their cash trends. We believe it is a necessary cash management tool for ANY financial institution that needs to take their cash management to the higher level.“

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