BankNews - Illiquidity to Liquidity - How Daily Incremental Gains Add up to a Healthy Bottom Line



BankNews published an article titled Illiquidity to Liquidity – How daily incremental gains add up to a healthy bottom line in their July 2014 issue.  The article was authored by David Austin, VP - Business Development of CetoLogic.

The article discusses how financial institutions can better prepare for future interest rate changes and the opportunities available to create revenue gains today.  David suggests the solution, deposit reclassification, to regain low earning non-liquid assets.  CetoLogic's client, Bakersfield, Calif.-based Valley Republic Bank, gives fantastic insight into their decision on selecting deposit reclassification and their plan for the funds.

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BankNews is the leading independent publication for community banks nationwide and read by CEOs and upper management at community banks nationwide. CetoLogic is honored to have been published in this industry leading publication.