Logicpath Launches New Program to Build Customer Community for Current and Future Client Success

ATLANTA (April 21, 2021) – LogicpathTM, a leader in fintech software and analytics, announced today its official launch of the C3 Financial Champion program. This new program connects current logicpath clients by providing networking opportunities to share experiences and learn best practices from each other.

In addition to building a community for logicpath clients to connect and share, C3 Champions can establish themselves as industry leaders in cash inventory management through thought leadership and speaking opportunities. Once a customer joins the program, they are added to an exclusive logicpath community and become eligible to test new product features first while providing direct feedback to the logicpath development team. The program is intended to positively impact the product road map for future versions to come, based on client need and experience.

“The C3 Financial Champion Program is a great opportunity for logicpath clients to plug in, share their story and experiences, and to help us develop C3 Financial in ways that benefit them the most,” says Michele Mooney, Vice President of Marketing at logicpath. “Their insights are invaluable, not only for logicpath, but other customers as well. This program ensures we are hitting the mark for our clients and maximizing the value of C3 Financial.”

C3 Financial is logicpath’s cash forecasting and inventory management solution that optimizes the cash supply chain. C3 Financial uses a proprietary algorithm and predictive analytics to forecast on every cash point’s actual usage, down to the denomination across a financial institution’s entire network. The solution allows financial institutions to meet cash demand based on actual usage, reducing expenses while increasing efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

For more information about logicpath’s C3 Financial Champion Program, click here.

About logicpath
Atlanta-based logicpath provides innovative software solutions and analytics to financial institutions and is trusted by thousands of clients across the United States and Canada. C3 Financial, Logicpath’s SaaS cash forecasting and inventory management software focuses on optimizing the cash supply chain by increasing efficiency, reducing expenses and centralizing visibility of the cash network. For more information, visit logicpath.com.

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