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Cash is not just a non-earning asset, it represents labor, time and expense. Cash is touched by multiple people, from your tellers to finance managers. Are they doing it effectively?

C3 Financial is a SaaS (software as a service) solution that manages branch, ATM, device, and vault cash. Designed to eliminate excess cash and outages and automate cash requests, C3 Financial provides an integrated framework for your cash management operations. Precise algorithms consider competing cash needs - delivery schedule, customer demand and historical trends - to forecast cash levels and recommend order and deposit amounts.

Reports and analytics communicate enterprise-wide cash positions and performance, while providing a central location for streamlining cash operations. Instituting C3 Financial, your cash management process ensures optimized cash inventory, reduced labor effort and an automated cash process.

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 With C3 Financial you can expect:

  • Accurate cash order and deposit recommendations by denomination
  • A 20-30% reduction in cash levels.
  • A 40% reduction in time commitments associated with cash functions
  • Forecast cash needs based on complex analysis of historical cash usage
  • 95% accuracy in forecasting
  • Integrations with most armored car carriers and money suppliers
  • A reduction in transportation and insurance costs

Deposit Reclassification and C3 Financial Go Hand in Hand.

Deposit Reclassification transforms reserve balances at the FRB into new funding sources for loans and investments. If you haven't implemented a retail sweep program, like Deposit Reclassication, your reserve requirement is met with your institution’s non-earning vault cash in addition to a reserve balance at your local Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) or at a “pass through” account with another financial institution.

As a result of lowering your reserve requirement, you have the opportunity to unlock additional earning assets through the reduction of vault cash.

The “cost” of low and non-earning assets are increasing and bankers are recognizing a loss in interest-earning opportunities. By instituting a retail sweep program and better cash management practices, banks and credit unions can immediately improve earnings.

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C3 Financial - Innovating Cash Management

"C3 was really just born out of watching people struggle with the same process and problem over and over again ... We saw banks and credit unions continuing to struggle with how much cash they need to order. How much cash do I keep on hand at a branch? When it comes time to order cash, how much should I order? Do I order $200,000, do I order $250,000? To make it even more complex, in what denomination do I order that cash? So, if I'm ordering $250,000, do I need it all in ones? Or, do I need it in 5's, and 10's, and 20's?" - Douglas Ceto

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