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The Smarter Way to Manage Cash


C3 Financial simplifies the cash supply chain by integrating all cash end points seamlessly - ensuring your needs for cash are met at the lowest cost, everywhere you need them.

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C3 Financial Highlights

  • 80% Reduction in time for cash agents and executives

  • 20-30% Reduction in cash due to optimized inventory levels

  • Up to 99% cash forecast accuracy leveraging predictive analytics and historical usage

  • One FTE can process all orders and deposits

  • Centralized control and visibility of cash ordering across the enterprise

  • Up to 70% reduction in emergency shipments and other costs

  • Scalable & Seamless integrations with most armored car carriers and money suppliers

Optimizing the Cash Supply Chain

Eliminating excess cash, cash outages and autom

Readily available reports and advanced analytics communicate enterprise-wide cash positions and performance, while providing a central locationates cash requests, C3 Financial provides an integrated framework for your cash management operations. Precise algorithms and advanced analytics individually tailored to competing cash needs - delivery schedules, customer demands and historical trends - to forecast cash levels and recommend order and deposit amounts by location, down to the denomination. for streamlining cash operations and visibility into a single interface.

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The Smarter Way to Manage Cash

  • Cash Supply Chain Efficiency - Applies inventory management principles that improve overall cash operations and operational efficiency by 80%
  • Centralized Cash Ordering - Streamline cash operations and reduce risk while gaining control and visibility with a centralized and automated approach to cash ordering

  • Actionable Forecasting Intelligence - Leverage predictive analytics and advanced forecasting for cash orders and deposits with a 95% accuracy while optimizing delivery schedules and reducing transportation costs


  • Cash Inventory Optimization  - Never run out of cash with optimized cash levels and reduce excess cash inventory by 20-30%

  • Real-Time Reporting - Provides advanced analytics, reports and dashboards for audit controls and risk management tailored to your needs

  • Scalable Design & Integration - Allows for multiple organizational structures and seamless integration with most teller platforms, money suppliers & armored cars



Order cash centrally by denomination for all branches, vaults, ATMs and ITMs with the single click of a button.

Banks and credit unions, not retailers, have some of the most intricate supply chain systems in the world. The main influencer to this increasing complexity is the increased use of more sophisticated technology such as ATMs, Video Tellers, Recyclers and Kiosks such as NCR, Hyosung and more.

Supply chain management (SCM), or inventory management applications are used by almost every other industry today. Many banks and credit unions are behind the times regarding supply chain management. Do you have the tools you need to effectively manage your cash supply chain?


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Flexible Design and Scalability That Grows As You Grow
C3 Financial Flexible Design and Scalability
Proud to Have Served More Than 2,000 Banks and Credit Unions in all 50 States and Canada

Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union logo

Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union
Assets: $10.7 Billion
Live Oak, TX

“To support this level of growth, we required centralized cash management software that enabled our personnel to meet and sustain our high levels of member service throughout our network. C3 Financial provides us with optimal cash inventory at all locations.”


HAPO Community
Credit Union
Assets: $1.8 Billion
Richland, WA

“HAPO Community Credit Union is very happy with logicpath’s C3 Financial program. We reduced our cash levels by 38% two months after we were trained! Even as we have grown our branch footprint, our cash levels are still substantially less than when we began with logicpath. Their support has been fantastic and logicpath has taken a consultative approach to our relationship for managing cash. Our experience with logicpath has been nothing short of fantastic.”


Dickinson Financial Corporation
Assets: $3.3 Billion
Kansas City, MO

“Dickinson Financial operates in 17 states and relies on logicpath’s branch cash management solution to optimize our cash levels. We are extremely happy with the program and have found logicpath’s support staff to be accommodating to our unique needs and always willing to offer best practices consulting on cash management strategies.”

AltaOne Federal Credit Union logo

AltaOne Federal Credit Union
Assets: $623 Million
Ridgecrest, CA

"C3 Financial’s central requisition console and file extract feature for FedLine® Web enables AltaOne employees to receive and approve accurate order recommendations, then easily send all cash orders in one file for the credit union’s 12 branches and 15 ATMs directly to the Federal Reserve Bank.”


HarborOne Bank
Assets: $3.9 Billion
Brockton, MA

“HarborOne Bank required a centralized solution to manage the bank’s expanded cash inventory in efforts to streamline operations and align all aspects of the bank’s cash management process after the shift from credit union to bank. C3 Financial’s predictive analytics provides HarborOne Bank employees with the strategic forecasting tools to more proactively identify and predict future cash needs. Additionally, an established and strong integration between logicpath and HarborOne Bank’s armored car supplier further improved the bank’s cash ordering process.”

interra_logoInterra Credit Union
Assets: $1.2 Billion
Goshen, IN

“Interra Credit Union completed a project with logicpath in 2011 and we were so pleased with the results we decided to review their cash management program, C3 Financial. Our cash management system relied heavily on our head tellers intuition which led to a higher than necessary cash in our branches. Using C3 Financial we have been able to reduce our cash levels by 35%. We are extremely pleased with the program and would recommend it to all credit unions that are looking to institute a cash management system.”

Queensborough National Bank and Trust Company logo

Queensborough National
Bank & Trust
Assets: $1.2 Billion
Louisville, GA

“C3 Financial will empower our team to make consistent and accurate cash orders and deposits, as well as create tremendous back office efficiencies. The bank will use C3 Financial’s central requisition console to consolidate all of our cash orders for mass submission to our virtual vault with our armored car provider (Loomis). The consolidation represents a tremendous reduction in back office processing time, as well as an improvement in our cash fulfillment process.”


Pawtucket Credit Union
Assets: $2.4 Billion
Pawtucket, RI

“Pawtucket Credit Union is the largest credit union in Rhode Island and we approached logicpath to assist us with reducing our cash levels. Prior to our implementation of C3 Financial we managed cash by establishing maximum limits for our branches to stay beneath. We believed we were doing a fairly good job managing our cash levels and were amazed by our experience after utilizing C3 Financial. Pawtucket Credit Union reduced cash by 20% within 3 months of use! We have also reduced our armored expense by using C3 Financial reporting to assess our armored car needs. We rely on logicpath’s products and services to assist our credit union with reducing non-earning assets and value them as a partner.”

mountain_america_logoMountain America
Credit Union

Assets: $9.8 Billion
West Jordan, UT

“Our $7.1 million cash reduction translates to an average branch cash reduction of nearly $85,000, allowing us to redirect this excess cash from our branches to alternative investments and lending. C3 Financial far exceeded our expectations, and as a result, we recently renewed our partnership with logicpath and will continue to leverage C3 Financial to maintain optimal cash levels and keep cash inventory in-line with member demand throughout our extensive branch network.”

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Logicpath Award

Recently ranked as a 2020 Top Cash Management Solution based on industry recommendations, our clients choose C3 Financial for a number of reasons. From scalability to centralization, usability to cash inventory optimization. Whatever the reason, we pride ourselves in partnering with our clients in a consultative approach that creates success. But don't take our word for it. Hear what our clients have to say.

Realizes More Than $2 Million in Cash Reductions, Better Identifies Cash Positioning


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Full Centralization of Branch Cash Management, Streamlines Operations


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Why C3 Financial Exists. Hear Our Story.

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At logicpath, we believe strongly in leveraging data to make intelligent business decisions. This is why we offer unlimited data reviews, unlimited support, unlimited virtual training and unlimited consulting to ensure your team's success long term.
Seamless Integration with Most Teller Platforms, Money Suppliers & Armored Cars

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