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Why is Hacking on the Rise?

It’s no secret that privacy is a huge issue. It seems that nowadays we can’t go a week without seeing another data breach in the news. The most recent breach was  Facebook, who recently got hacked and more than 50 million users were impacted. In 2017, we hit a new record high of 1,579 breaches, an upturn of 44.7 percent, which means we’re seeing multiple breaches per week, if not per day.

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4 Characteristics to look for in a Universal Banker

Every financial institution is looking for ways to operate efficiently - Working Smarter, Not Harder. A trend in staffing, which has been embraced by banks and credit union, is employing a "Universal Banker" or "Universal Associate" to operate branches. They are aslo internally called Floaters, because they have the ability to travel between branches or throughout the branch to provide coverage.

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