The New Role of Cash Management


Transaction Directory published an article by Douglas Ceto, CEO and President of CetoLogic,  in the January 12th issue titled The New Role of Cash Management. There is no doubt that the popularity of electronic and mobile payments steadily increases, but contrary to popular belief, cash is still a widely used form of payment. While cash is notgoing anywhere anytime soon, consumers’ banking habits and preferences have certainly evolved – especially within the branch.

Douglas explains that more and more consumers are embracing the concept of using innovative, self-service devices in the branch to conduct routine transactions. Many Financial institutions are simply choosing to manage their device cash levels up to the limit because they lack insight into the actual cash usage of these new devices, yet doing so often results in significant cash overages. Financial institutions are missing the critical opportunity of redirecting this excess cash from its devices into alternative investments and lending, which is especially critical as interest rates increase.

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