Grow the balance sheet with pALMS unequaled capablities and give your institution the ability to increase net interest margins today.

Today's Challenges

In today’s increasingly challenging economic environment, banks need quick and unimpeded access to accurate and detailed analysis asset-by-asset and liability-by-liability.

To increase net interest margins, bank’s boards and senior managers need access to actionable and timely asset and liability information to help them manage the delicate balance between a bank’s current and potential earnings, while ensuring their institutions maintain optimal liquidity risk and interest rate risk (IRR).  An in-house ALM solution, provides immediate access to real-time data and unlimited what-if simulations under user defined scenarios.

Working on Analytics

Introducing pALMs

pALMs is a asset liability management solution that provides this level of detail so your financial institution can accurately evaluate the impact of changes on any asset or liability on balance sheet performance.

pALMs imports data from a bank’s current general ledger, loan, deposit and investment systems to provide real-time simulations that predict the effects of new products or rate and volume changes on the balance sheet. The flexibility of user-defined stress testing enables the bank to analyze risk under any potential market condition, prior to making critical investment decisions.

As a SaaS (software as a service) solution, users can run simulations and review reports on-demand. pALMs evaluates the impact of user-defined rate shocks on balance sheet performance from 1 basis point and within a range of -900 to +900 bps.


pALMs maximizes the balance sheet with the right information:

  • Balance Sheet Composition
  • Project NII at Risk
  • Liquidity Analysis
  • Market Value at Risk
  • Historical Performance Analysis
  • Unlimited “What-if-Simulations”
  • Capital Adequacy
  • Asset Allocation Scenarios
  • Modify A/L Categories
  • Easy Access and Report Printing

ALM is often the most underutilized function within a bank’s risk management process.  This is a costly omission that leaves millions of dollars on the table due to missed opportunities in balancing asset and liability risk and returns.  When properly deployed, ALM ensures the optimal mix and allocation of assets and liabilities to maximize risk-adjusted returns.

If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Manage It.

ALM is a critical risk management function that helps, financial institutions define or modify their strategic objectives and provides the guidance. Receive a expert's perspective on ALM in our whitepaper.
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