Logicpath and Loomis Partner to Help Financial Institutions Adapt to Their Need for Real-time Demand Changes in the Cash Supply Chain


Loomis, the world’s largest armored car carrier, and Logicpath have formed a strategic partnership to help financial institutions adapt to real-time cash supply chain challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

To communicate the value they are bringing to banks and credit unions during these unprecedented and uncertain times, Logicpath Vice President, Kelly MacConnell and Loomis Executive Vice President, McKay Barnes, collaborated in an exclusive webinar last week to help financial institutions across the country understand new pandemic planning guidelines set forth by the FDIC and NCUA as it relates to supply chain management and how that affects cash.

As we move forward in our partnership and into the future, we are putting the success of the financial institutions first and plan to continue to meet the ever-changing real-time demands on the cash supply chain for banks and credit unions across the country.

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