When to Implement Software Refresh Training for your Team


Refresh training is often forgotten about, but if your software is a big part of your day-to-day operational efficiencies in your branch, it is important to implement refresh training to avoid any potential pitfalls in miscommunication of features, capabilities, and even the purpose of the software, as well as ensure the bank or credit union is getting a sufficient return on investment in time and in cost savings.

In this blog, I am going to discuss when you should look into refresh training for a software solution. Here are three instances that leadership should consider refresh training for your teams:

1. Ongoing staff turnover

It’s like a game of telephone… As new people come into and leave a company, eventually the training gets passed from one person to another and certain capabilities and details often get forgotten, or miscommunicated.

If your financial institution is experiencing a high rate of turnover, or consistent ongoing turnover, implementing refresh training will allow new employees to learn the full capabilities of the software and ensure its being used correctly, and that your team finds value in using the solution.

2. Changes in executive leadership

It’s not uncommon that changes in executive leadership can bring the need for refresh training to light. I had a client recently go through this, and when the new leadership team asked about how their team uses C3 Financial, no one was able to deliver a clear answer. Over time, the software’s capabilities and uses weren’t communicated regularly during times of turnover and transition.

The new leadership team found this lack of knowledge concerning and they reached out to their account manager at logicpath to set up refresh training. After two days of onsite training on C3 Financial, the institution’s team members began using the software more efficiently and began realizing significant time and costs savings.

3. It’s been more than three years

A lot can happen in three years. From new technology to new employees, three years is great benchmark to initiate refresh training for your team. As technology advances and software continues to develop, leadership can avoid any games of telephone with new employees.

Refresh training is often a part of your software solution contracts and should be taken advantage of to ensure you are getting the most out of your solution.

Do you have questions about when and how to implement refresh training with logicpath? Reach out to your account manager here.