G+D Currency Technology Launches New Casino Cash Management Software in Partnership with logicpath


G+D Currency Technology announced that Casino CashView is now available to all clients in the United States and Canada as of Oct. 1, 2018. Developed in partnership with software and analytics firm, logicpath, Casino CashView is a web-based application that streamlines cash management for casinos.

The software automates cashier transfer slips, cage checkout sheets and Excel spreadsheets, reducing manual effort and accounting audit hours. Data is pulled daily from BPS Connect Casino software and other data sources to facilitate automation and provide accurate cash forecasts. Casino CashView eliminates excess cash, outages, errors, and automates currency requests for the vault. Precise algorithms and inventory management techniques analyze the casino’s competing cash needs including armored car delivery schedules, customer demand and historical trends to forecast cash levels and recommend order and deposit amounts.

Casino CashView:

  • Eliminates paper – transfer slips, cage checkout sheets, vault inventory and shift activity sheets are eliminated
  • Reduces spreadsheets – data is auto aggregated from cashiers, senior management, cash vault and accounting
  • Decreases time – reconciling forms and fielding cash requests is more efficient
  • Reduces cash – forecasting accurate cash levels based on actual usage
  • Eliminates errors and exceptions
  • Integrates with major armored car carriers and correspondent banks

“Casino CashView offers a great ROI for our casino clients as it saves hundreds of hours of manual entry and spreadsheet management. It improves accuracy and offers a new level of integration with our BPS Connect Casino software. It is part of our renewed focus on developing software that complements our full suite of hardware from compact to high speed banknote processing systems," said Jim Petit, President of G+D Currency Technology, Americas Inc.