CetoLogic Announces New Name, logicpath


logicpathTM continues CetoLogic's mission of leveraging analytics and technology to maximize clients' success

ATLANTA, May 3, 2017 – CetoLogic announces the launch of its new name logicpathTM. For the last nine years, CetoLogic has partnered with clients to find pathways to increase their profitability and efficiency with their premier solutions Deposit Reclassification and C3 Financial. CetoLogic is proud to have earned the trust of over 2,000 banks and credit unions across the United States and Canada. CetoLogic has grown with its clients and succeeded in empowering their businesses with analytic and software solutions.

At the beginning of this year, CetoLogic took time to reflect on its accomplishments, and sought to create a name that would be in line with how it serves its clients. Through this exploration, the new name was discovered, logicpath. The name is derived from the intelligence, expertise, and quantitative methods the firm provides to assist clients in choosing the best path for their business.

Logicpath continues to stay true to the Ceto family of companies’ mission to provide solutions with the client’s success and profitability at the top of mind. The new name logicpath promotes how the firm serves clients and guides them to a logical path for their business practices. Logicpath is excited to help banks and credit unions achieve their goals for the future.

"I am excited about our new name, logicpath, and even more excited by what the name represents. CetoLogic, now logicpath, has been a cloud computing and analytics business since its inception; however, our name never corresponded. I think the new name lines up with the services we provide to our clients and future clients,” said Douglas Ceto, President and CEO of logicpath. “We finally have a brand that represents what we have been doing for over a decade, delivering superior analytics through SaaS based solutions. logicpath symbolizes the core of our business.”


About logicpath

Atlanta, Ga.-based logicpath provides software solutions and analytics to financial institutions and retail organizations. The firm has earned the trust of over 2,000+ clients in the United States and Canada. Logicpath is the designer of C3 Financial, a SaaS cash forecasting and management software. Deposit Reclassification, logicpath’s Regulation D retail sweep program, is designed to eliminate reserve balances.  pALMs is a SaaS asset/liability management simulation software, offered by logicpath, that provides accurate and detailed analysis asset-by-asset and liability-by-liability. Logicpath’s solutions improve earnings, efficiency, risk management, and operations. For more information about logicpath’s solutions, call 1.877.495.0687.